Pickup artists get a lot of flack, but there’s one thing I appreciate about them: they study what turns women on, then try to embody it.
Why Do Women Wear Sexy Clothes If They Don’t Want Attention?
Emma Lindsay

I nearly vomited when I read this. They dont study what turns women on quite as much as they study how to manipulate weak minded and/or emotionally compromised individuals. They treat women like prey in a fucked up game of sexual conquest.

Above all other things they are lying about who they truly are, and women that fall for them would rather believe the fantasy than the truth about someone. The truth can be unsexy but it is raw and it is real and it is intimate.

Its these kind of men that don’t respect women, think No means Maybe, and these kind of men that will take advantage of a girl too inebriated to give consent. It is these kinds of men that look for emotionally damaged women to prey on regardless of how they are dressed.

From reading much of your writing, you sound like exactly the kind of mark that these pigs look for. You keep going back to them because you are “attracted” to them. Fine, nobody is faulting our questioning how or why your body responds to these kind of men and their lies, who doesnt love a little fantasy? Realize though that if you are looking for a good sexy time and a release that you are rolling the dice and hoping something bad doesnt happen to you.

Men are the worst thing that ever happened to women. By and large, we are awful.

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