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I think the bigger danger is that on and offshore devs don’t know how to write good technical and design documentation. Nor do they appreciate it because they are not sure how to read and comprehend it, and what to look for. This deficit is only further exacerbated by an intense distrust in technical and design documentation because many projects do this very poorly.

Top all this off with misinterpretation of the Agile Manifesto to say that documentation is not necessary. This is not what is meant at all.

Documenting design and commenting code as well should be done to the level that its communicative benefit is as much for the recipient of the documentation as it is for the writer in so far as the writer of design does not need to spend excessive time and handholding with developers.

These clever product owners think they are increasing velocity by discouraging documentation, however what happens in the absence of this is that meeting creep takes over the time of many people while they try to understand what needs to be built.

No… offshore devs just expect design to be personally explained to them, a gross manifeststion of the “gimme teh codez” culture.

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