The male identified half of the population is not a monolithic entity and to treat it so repeatedly, specifically in this context without any semblance of analysis or insight, reinforces harmful — and demonstrably untrue — stereotypes and perpetuates damaging socialization against which Emma’s work is pushing.
I pointed out the rhetorical trick you used to presume to speak for all men.
Jack Harrow

I was not making statements about a monolithic entity but a class of people. There are in fact two classes of people, those whom are intimidated by sexually dominant women and those whom are not. Being in the first class I feel I have some authority to speak to my subjective experiences on the matter.

Rhetorical tricks? Ok, my words were poorly put together. I do in fact acknowledge that much. I also acknowledged that some men are also really into sexually dominant women. That is a poor monolith that I am building.

On a final note, I notice that you have a deep need to believe that culture promotes heteronormative roles. Ok, well if you think my rhetoric is antithetical to this notion, perhaps prove how you believe I am wrong. You attack my rhetoric and language instead and state your position as objective truth with no argument to back it up. Not even an attempt.

You think I don’t understand what you are saying. If we talk in circles it is because you are not comprehending me.

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