A terribly self-righteous response; condemning others for finding a path towards (potential)…
Roy Sutton

It is manipulation of information that a consumer will base their purchase decisions on. It crumbles the foundation of a free market.

The discoverability problem doesnt make the behavior less ethical. It is still supply side manipulation of a grossly saturated market, leading to poor information and thus poor decisions for the consumers.

This is basic economics. This is what happens when everybody is a content producer, the market is saturated well beyond the ability for the market to operate efficiently for either supplier and consumer.

Suppliers are in a vicious popularity arms race when they should focus on building the best quality, and consumers lose faith in their ability to discern quality and become harder to convince to spend an investment of time and money.

The only reason this Discoverability Problem exists is because you are operating in a supply side distorted market like an app store which has become a giant race to the bottom.

How are apps selling these days in the app store? How is your business doing? People buying or are you taking table scraps from advertising budgets by misleading them with reports showing impressions?

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