Superb lucid thinking!
Andrei Draganescu

It is nice to be understood and called out in a way. I do have a sensitive ego, it needs to remain in check otherwise I have the inexplicable urge to respond with something so contrary and offensive that both of us will end up rage-blocking each other.

Pretty childish of me eh? People of integrity and honor keep a cool head and I repeat that in my head several thousand times before I write a careful response.

Normally I would tell you and others like Thin Man to butt out, but you two are so damn on point that I would never dream of silencing you. You put your wisdom out there pro bono, I feel honored for that. I have a lot to learn from people like you, it is in my best interest to shut up and read sometimes.

My conclusion is that I have a recent habit of alienating and pissing people off lately, so the logical conclusion is that the problem must be with me. I need to work on me and read more, respond less.

Anyway thanks for summing up Emmas article. You get it.

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