All we need to do is drop the shame and push toward where we know the light is, whatever end of the political spectrum it happens to be dancing in at any given moment.
Together, The Left And Right Can Kill The Establishment Propaganda Machine
Caitlin Johnstone

It isnt about shame though, for some of us it is about credibility. We need to win the left, and the media is killing us by pointing to instances where we are sharing ridiculous alt right conspiracy theories that are very likely not true or provable as completely bogus and this alienates and scares away the Hillary Left. It also makes it easier for the establishment to lump Sanders supporters as Bernie Bros and to discredit then, scaring them away. Of course I see Sanders supporters as being “nearly woke”, they almost made that crucial step.

I agree that we should work together with the Alt Right but only where they are being truly rational. #CNNDirt is not rational. CNN isnt terrible because they allegedly blackmail 15 year olds, they are terrible because they lie by ommission.

Finally, I think it would be great if the Left had a following like The_Donald but not at the expense of rationality. Passion most often comes at the cost of rationality. It is not that the Left is pessimistic and unforgiving, we are Realists. We are more rational and that allows us to realize just how utterrly and hopelessly fucked we all are.

Some of us are not trying to build a massive following that will transform the world, we are just trying to fogure out the facts from the fiction and find others lost in the wilderness that are seeking the truth.

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