On Being Ill
Abby Norman

My heart breaks for you. I know several people who have similar stories, not necessarily around endometriosis but various autoimmune disordrrs. A friend of mine battles something life destroying that doctors just have no clue for. They just throw diagnoses at her, fibromyalgia, Addison’s disease, hypothyroidism. None of them seem to make sense nor do the treatments help much. She would be in so much pain she wouldbt leave the house for weeks. They give her so many steroids that she became swollen and bloated and while it helped somewhat she is too ashamed of her body to leave the house anyway.

Then the natural medicine scam artists give her false hope. Telling her she has gluten insensitivity, electromagnetic sensitivity or some other wild ass guess.

I pray for a day when medicine gets to a point where doctors don’t just scratch their heads at conditions like this where they are becoming frequently and frighteningly more common. More and more women are suffering conditions like this than ever before and still doctors act like this is the first time they hear about these kinds of cases. When will the true causes for these be identified? When can effective treatments and pain management be provided?

Why is healthcare in our country failing so many?

I pray for a day when you have relief. Have hope for a new tomorrow, because I believe that it can get better.

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