There are many whites who think they are the ones suffering discrimination in our society, am I to…
Gene Smolko

Ok so you are in the hospital and you have stomach pains, three doctors with different specialties are looking over your chart. They are talking over the numbers, offering different perspectives to each other. They are debating in front of you. One of the doctors thinks you might not have anything wrong, the other doctors are considering other possibilities.

They come to a consensus finally and explain to you what they think the problem is. You latch onto some information you overheard from the doctor that originally considered your lab results were benign and begin to debate them that you feel there may not be anything wrong with you.

The doctors might be slightly annoyed at this. You are not a doctor first of all. You have no authority or expertise to challenge their extensive training and experience. They were working for 12 hours on their feet, they are tired and just want to go home. They provided you the info you need, they dont owe you a debate because the outcome is inevitably that you are wrong or if you are right then you just guessed basically.

You have your take home instructions, the doctors continue on with their struggle.

The lesson of the analogy is that you are NOT important to the debate, you are the subject. Another lesson is that you don’t have the qualifications to debate the doctors and offer a valid well educated viewpoint. Another lesson is that you can rest assured that any valid points of debate you might accidentally raise as an amateur, have already been discussed or ruled out (minority scholars before you have debated amongst themselves if racism is in fact real). Yet another lesson is that you must trust experts and listen carefully to them because their advice is valuable. Another lesson still is that they believe there is something wrong with you and have given you take home instructions on what YOU need to do to resolve this ailment they are in consensus on you having. In other words, they are not interested in your debate, they are interested in curing the ailment they have come to a consensus on. They are interested in you GETTING TO WORK, and could care less if you put on safety pins or meet up with other people that have this ailment and give yourself pats on the back and emotional support.

I hope this makes sense.

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