To actually deal with men as more than just walking penises and explore masculine sexuality and all the shame that is tied to its raw and uncut vicissitude, due to mostly but not only feminist theories of toxic masculinity in a rush to believe ourselves a more enlightened society and above our base instincts.
I think you are scarily close to the truth on rape.
Olatunji Jesutomisin

That is why I like reading Emma Lindsay so much because this is exactly what I feel she does VERY well. She realizes the danger of a shame filled man and this is what makes male sexuality toxic in the first place. She celebrates male sexuality and having read some of her posts, I strongly believe she understands male sexuality.

She understands male sexuality better than any other woman I can recall ever meeting or reading. Part of that is her anxiety about male sexuality from being raped. I relate to this anxiety so well, not because of rape, but from other traumatic experiences I have had, I know that when something makes you anxious you can become obsessed with learning and researching everything you can about it.