So, guys, what do you think? I am truly curious if you think this is creepy.
What do Women Want?

There is nothing creepy about a list, but something I see men and women do often is “fall in love” with that list ir even worse, think you have fallen in love with a person when you really are in love with this idea of a person in your head.

That road leads to heartache and disappointment. People are respectful until they are not, they are loving u til they are not, they are hars working until they get burnt out and have a lazy streak, some of these qualities may be exclusive even, you may be intelligent and forward thinking until you are spontaneous and throw caution to the wind.

We are all human. We lie, we are mean, we act stupid, we are perverted, we are dirty and slovenly, greedy and selfish… sometimes. We can also be wonderful and have all those qualities too, even most of the time. The perfect partner loves you and accepts you despite all of your faults and shortcomings.

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