Or, we could just not act like jerks.
Gayle Laakmann McDowell

This whole thing seems like a repeat of GamerGate, another sad display of the Internet Hate Machine and the darker side of humanity. The people that might have a legitimate argument against the ideas espoused by the victim of the target get drowned out by the self obsessed, hate filled, ignorant vitriol to where onlookers can no longer tell the difference.

What happened? Poor morals and poor parenting probably. Maybe it is that we lost our way to God and the teachings of Jesus Christ? I learned all about compassion and love growing up. Many identifying Christians forget these as the most important takeaways as well.

My mother taught me that lesser people discuss other people, better people discuss events, and truly exceptional people discuss ideas. These people putting together a collage of pictures they took from Talias social media are lesser people.

They can rise up and be better than that, but stop judging. Stop throwing stones in glass houses. It is pathetic and it doesn’t matter. She doesn’t need to be perfect to make a valid point and start a dialogue around ideas.

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