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To all reading. True Progressives tend to be smarter and better educated than their counterparts and are more quick to realize the power of peaceful protest. From Jesus to Luther to Ghandi to Mandela and MLK, these people have changed the world and made it infinitely better through peaceful protest. Violence alienates a cause, strengthens your opponents, and leads to death more often than not.

In my opinion you are and your violent demonstrators at the Milo event are what are known as You are part of a smear campaign by the alt-right fascists to discredit peaceful demonstrations for the purpose of removing legitimacy from true Progressive resistance and fueling populist anger and hatred on the Right which strengthens fascist movements.

Your masters and bank rollers know that fascist institutions are fueled by a clearly defined enemy that populist anger can be targeted at. This is literally right out of the Hitler playbook.

Hell even look at Milos statement labeling all Progressives as violent and against free speech, it is as if he had a few trouble makers loyal to his cause ready to disrupt the peaceful demonstration for the purpose of getting national attention to his divisive generalizations about all Progressives.

Your language here is equally as divisive and triggerring and again meant to give an extremely easy focal point for fascist amger to latch to.

In summation, you are either naively sabatoging everything you stand for or you are far more sinister and being paid by the alt right to spread discord for fascists to use to their advantage and discredit political opponents.