Opponents of the idea say that you need to become highly specialized in a specific sub-domain in order for your skills to remain relevant.
Full-stack development is alive and well. And for good reasons.
Alex Moldovan

Well of course industry players would believe that highly specialized technologists are a good thing. The benefits to those hiring are legion.

  • It is easier to interview for a specialty than a well rounded technologist with ability to pick up skills quickly
  • They are easier to contract out and be immediately useful in a very targeted way.
  • Easier to contract out means easier to commoditize, contractors can be treated as capital where employees are just an expense with obligations. No obligations to capital.
  • Wanting highly specialized resources because they are “relevant” is the new code word for “Ageism”. It is harder to keep up with specialized skills or retool when you are older and more established in your career and generalized skills.

It is so transparent because specialization runs counter to the management fad of “Agile” where at least on paper you want a team of cross functional Full Stack Devs so that one can deliver vertical slices of business value on stories. How can a Front end dev alone do that?

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