I want to quit. Right now.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

You contradict yourself. You say you want to be on this path but you also want to be at home playing Doom in your underwear.

I am just not an entrepreneur so I apparently don’t get it. I am an outsider to your world but to be perfectly honest and frank with you, it sounds like a hellish nightmare of pain, anxiety and suffering.

I read an article like this and it only further convinces me that your kind has not acheived enlightenment and happiness because you are living by these false agreements in your mind that define the totality of your faith. These are based on that inner judge that constantly tears you apart, which in turn is based on fear.

Nobody is a harsher critic of yourself than your inner self. The only reason you put up with crap from clients and investors is because they are not as harsh on you as you are on yourself.

I am happy with my life because I am honest with myself about what will make me happy. I found my stable little place in life and I do my job the best I can. I don’t let it get to me when people tell me that I am not good enough because I lack the passion and drive to be an entrepreneur because I know they are wrong. I have drive and passion for people and my profession.

Everytime I set my mind to something I find a way to succeed or fail gracefully. I am not a lesser person because I choose to not participate in the unsustainable, volatile, and ethically egregious world of tech startups.

I challenge you to write down everything you believe on paper. Which of these things are based on fear, judgment, and victim hood and which are based on love, compassion and your happiness? Truth hurts, we use denial as a shield to protect the hellish fantasy we have created.

Are you really happy? Do you have the courage to admit it? Are you willing to take small steps to make yourself a happier person? Are you willing to take a week and just play Doom, turn off your cell phone and do something you love? Are you willing to walk away from a client that will not make you happy even if money is tight? Are you going to try and slow down your life and work on yourself?

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