And you’ll allow that elitism and the upper class transcends race…a meta-race, but it’s somehow still a fault of whiteness? Overall, it doesn’t wash. Black America is caught in a negative feedback loop
You actually made it a national issue, by writing that it’s a national issue.

You talk about the negative feedback loop of Black America, but bear with me here and consider the mostly white feedback loop of successful America.

The golf course analogy that Todd portrays is key here. White people tend to hang with other white people. Black people tend to hang with other Black people. The feedback loop of success and failure here is based on the family you grow up in, the community you grow in, the people you spend the majority of your time with.

The feedback loop goes both ways. It is hard to break into a social group to make those connections you need to get to Todds station. Todd was gifted this privilege to meet important people from his dad, who was then privileged to the same by his grandpa during a time when outright racism was extremely real and normal.

I hope that makes sense.

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