Allow me to elaborate.
Phillip H. Blanton

You want to talk about the ills of government interference, ok then… lets start by doing away with the monopolies on broadband access.

The only reason these monopolies exist is at the power of the government! So lets start there.

If you disagree with this statement then its because you think the infrastructure and public good is served by their being a natural monopoly in this place, but then taking that argument is validating the core of Net Neutrality at its heart that broadband providers are in fact infrastructure and should be to standards of public good and access. This also means that if they were in fact infrastructure all along then they have no business favoring some content over others.

Logically it doesnt stand that you can be against Net Neutrality and for the government market interference of a natural monopoly granted to infrastructure. If you dont agree with Net Neutrality then fine, but that still means that government should not alloe collusion between these companies to drive out competition and small independent ISPs from the market.

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