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3 Needed Outcomes from COVID-19

It’s time we find our silver lining in 2020. These three outcomes can change business as we know it to create a “new normal” worth fighting for.

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Let’s face it, this year has sucked and it doesn’t look like it is going to get better any time soon. Instead of screaming into the void, I’m going to try and look toward a better future!

Remote Work

You guessed it. It’s kind of my thing. I’ve been pitching the values of remote work for 10 years, but 2020 may just be what it takes to gain some traction. Quite a few companies have already made the change permanent. Others like Google have extended their remote work policy until the Summer of 2021. A new survey shows people are already looking at how they can move to more desirable locations with the added flexibility that remote work provides. The biggest proof that remote work is, well, working is that the world keeps turning. Nearly everyone has worked remotely since March. We did it!

Universal Basic Income (UBI)

I might get some heat for this prediction. I’m not talking 6 figure government payouts here. I think we should start super small. Everyone needs either some help making ends meet right now or at best a little spending money. Doing it now will stimulate the economy and keep people in their homes. Once Americans get a taste I don’t see any going back. We can tweak it and make it better as we go. The key here is to pass legislation without a million loopholes and big corporate benefits. Keep it simple. Fail fast. Iterate.

32 Hour Work Week

If you didn’t throw things at me for my UBI prediction… Hear me out. We encourage companies to ask for volunteers to decrease their work hours. They can offer whatever stipulations they want. Maybe no pay cut, 10% pay cut, or even a 20% cut for the 20% reduction in hours. This will immediately ease payroll costs for businesses. It will also allow parents who are struggling with having kids at home some breathing room. If we can manage to decouple healthcare from employment it makes the benefits even larger for businesses. Companies can more easily scale employment. This will help us recover from our massive unemployment numbers. It will also help our unemployment numbers that are continuing to come from increased automation. The extra income from UBI can supplement the potential pay cut from decreasing hours. Maybe the best side effect of all is that we can start to change our work culture in the US. Imagine if we prioritized family time and travel.

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Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

I think there is a pretty clear path to making all of this work. It is just going to take some open minds and dedication to make the “new normal” a good thing.

A Mountain obsessed flatlander and amateur futurist writing about everything from the latest remote scrum team leadership strategies to vintage car restoration.

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