Wanchain is a new blockchain platform with Chinese roots and a global mission.

Our ambitious aim is to unite the world’s blockchains.

The problem is that blockchains are currently siloed. As a result, it is challenging for chains to communicate directly without the use of central parties.

This ‘intranet’ problem is well understood and many different teams are working on an ‘internet of blockchains’ solution.

However, it is likely the most challenging problem our industry faces and no team has cracked it yet.

Whoever solves the intranet problem must be able to leverage bleeding edge knowledge in a wide range…

Do you make the mistake of thinking bitcoin is risky?

Working with family offices I learned that risk reduction is the key to wealth preservation.

How do you reduce risk? Step number one is to ensure your assets don’t move up and down at the same time.

Said in another way — risk is largely driven by correlation.

When we look at risk from the perspective of our entire portfolio we find that correlation plays a bigger role in portfolio risk than the volatility of individual assets.

Interestingly enough — adding assets like bitcoin that have HIGH volatility but are…

Spoiler: It is the perfect BTC hedge.

My thesis around bitcoin has centered around two hypothesis:

1 — There will be significant future demand for a digital and borderless store of value.

2 — No coins come close to competing with Bitcoin as digital gold and it’s unlikely that any will in the future.

Well folks, now we have a competitor.

Although the competitor doesn’t currently compete all that well on the vectors that seemingly matter:

  • Hashing Power
  • Length of Chain
  • Community Support
  • Business Support
  • Strength of Core Devs

But things change. It’s very early for them; could BCH get…

As terrible as investment bankers are — at least they are playing a repeat game. So when they coordinate an IPO they have an incentive to leave some value on the table for investors. That way they come back for the next IPO.

From the perspective of a single network like Tezos the lure of an uncapped ICO makes perfect sense. Why not let ‘market forces’ decide and maximize the amount raised on the one shot you have.

The problem is that this sucks all the value out of the ICO, and leaves little upside for the new members of…

Dustin Byington

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