“Remove Label”

I was cleaning out my email inbox, something long overdue, when I noticed one of the options that my email provider offered. It was called “remove label”. This feature gave you the opportunity to take something that was previously labeled as “bills”, “work”, “junk”, etc., and relabel it to what you want to currently define it as. If I incorrectly labeled something as “bills” and want to now file it under “projects”, I can do that. The old label is removed and the new label is established.

We are all given labels throughout life. Parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, and friends have all called us something, possibly both favorable and unfavorable. From nicknames to titles, these labels all come with an adhesive backing because they tend to stick to us.

The man we call the father of our faith is known as Abraham. But it didn’t start that way. His given name was Abram. Abram meant multitude or many. But God intervened and changed his name to match his purpose. He went from Abram to Abraham — from “many” to “FATHER of many”.

Can you imagine his friends approaching him the next day? “Good morning, Abram!” Abraham would have had to reply, “Actually, it’s AbraHAM! I know you’ve been calling me ‘many, but now I’m actually ‘Father of many.’ ” Every time someone would call him by his old name, he would have to reiterate the fact that he now has a new name — a new label.

Our God offers us this same opportunity as my email provider. Although the world has tagged you with numerous labels, God has a new name for you. God calls you chosen! He calls you friend! And He calls you His! If you’ve been called a thousand unfavorable things, it is all trumped by the fact that God has called you something greater!

Now when the world calls you lonely, you can remind yourself that you’re accepted. When they want you to believe you’re a failure, you can remind yourself that you have complete and total victory through Jesus Christ! Nothing that has been spoken to you or over you defines you any longer. You are solely defined by what God says.

Next time you are tempted to agree with the world’s opinion of you, remember that the option is there: remove label.

John 15:15 — I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.

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Originally published at www.dustindelino.com on February 19, 2016.

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