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State and Local Government Resources for COVID-19

Dustin Haisler
Mar 17 · 9 min read

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the country, I’ve curated some resources from around the web for my state and local government network. This is updated every 24 hours, and please fill out this form if you have other resources, templates or COVID-19 solutions that should be added.

🔴 Tip: One helpful tip for navigating this guide is to use CTRL-F or CMD-F (for Macs) to search specific keywords or needs.

Items marked with 🔴 have been updated as of 3/27.

ESRI Interactive Dashboard from Johns Hopkins, FAO, and NOAA.

📊 COVID-19 Information

Latest Counts:

  • 🔴 ⚠️103,942 Total Cases in the US as of 3/27 at 8 p.m. CT

Real-time Information Dashboards & Data

Help state and local government through U.S. Digital Response

🏛 Federal Government Guidance for State and Local Government Agencies

🔖 Example State and Local Government Responses




Law Enforcement

Special Districts

Example responses and guidance from special districts by type:

🏠 State and Local COVID-19 Policy Response Examples

City Policies

County Policies

State Policies

Children at Work Policies

You can view or download all the telework policies in one place with this shared Dropbox link.

Field Workers

🔴 Have other policies to share, send them to us. Need policy templates, let us know and we’ll try to find them too.

🏢 GovTech Companies Providing COVID-19 Solutions

Free Data / Overall Resources

Free Communication Resources

Free Online Service Resources

Free Training Resources

Free Remote Work Resources

Free Cybersecurity Resources

Free Procurement Resources

Free Public Meeting Resources

Free Finance & Administration Resources

Free Public Health / Emergency Management Resources

Paid Remote Work Resources

Paid Finance & Administration Resources

Paid Online Service Resources

Paid Communication Resources

Paid Public Health / Emergency Management Resources

Paid Security / Cybersecurity Resources

Here’s a full list of how gov tech companies are responding to COVID-19 starting with the GovTech 100 from this year. Let us know how your company is responding and we’ll add it to the list.

💼 Resources from State and Local Government Associations

Local Government

County Government

State Government

📚 Additional State and Local COVID-19 Reading

General Reading

Employees / Remote Work Reading

Funding / Grants Reading

Data Reading

Citizen Engagement / Communication Reading

✅ State COVID-19 Portals (In Alphabetical Order)

You can also link to these pages through an interactive map.

Items marked with 🔴 have been updated as of 3/27.

This information is also being updated once a day on at

To request information to be added to this form, please fill out this form or send me an e-mail.

Acknowledgments: This resource section would not be possible without support from Dennis McKenna, Cathilea Robinett, Alan Cox, Phil Bertolini, Teri Takai, Joe Morris, Ben Miller, Noelle Knell, numerous state and local government agency leaders, and our gov tech industry partners.

Dustin Haisler

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Chief Innovation Officer of e.Republic | Government Technology | Governing | Former Government CIO/ACM | GovTech Top 100 Influencer | Professor | Author | TEDx

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