OSCARS: Who Should Win vs Who Will Win

Top Category Predictions

The Academy Awards are upon us, and thus the end of the award season.

Here is my list for who I would vote for vs who I think the Academy will vote for.


Who Should Win: ZOOTOPIA

It’s the most important animated film given its reference to race, and it’s also highly entertaining. You can do both!

Who Will Win: ZOOTOPIA

It’s the one animated film that everyone has had a chance to see, as it came out in March. What would usually be a death nail come nomination time, is the reason this film will thrive.


Who Should Win: LION (Luke Davies)

A beautifully written film about a boy who is lost and must find his way home as a man twenty five years later. It’s enthralling and highly emotional, and above all about familial love. All people can relate to this on some level.

Who Will Win: MOONLIGHT (Barry Jenkins, Tarell McCraney)

MOONLIGHT is considered to be the one film that has a shot at overtaking LA LA LAND for Best Picture, and shares many of the same qualities as LION. This will be a consolation prize.


Who Should Win: MANCHESTER BY THE SEA (Kenneth Lonergan)

The audience is transported to a very specific part of Massachusetts and it feels more like a documentary than a narrative film. The characters are real human beings and Manchester is a real place. It’s what makes the gut punches all the more effective.

Who Will Win: LA LA LAND (Damien Chazelle)

The shakiest category for the Best Picture front runner, as it deals with lighthearted formalism over hard hitting narrative, despite the sacrifices made by the central characters. LA LA LAND could very easily lose this category, but I doubt it.


Who Should Win: MOONLIGHT (Naomi Harris)

Harris is amazing in a rather weak category. Also, I haven’t seen FENCES.

Who Will Win: FENCES (Viola Davis)

It’s Viola’s turn. She’s too good to be without a statue.


Who Should Win: MOONLIGHT (Mahershala Ali)

Without question the best part of MOONLIGHT is Ali’s performance as a three dimensional drug dealer. He’s mesmerizing.

Who Will Win: MOONLIGHT (Mahershala Ali)

For reasons given.


Who Should Win: JACKIE (Natalie Portman)

Natalie Portman gives the best performance of her career by becoming another human being. It’s seamless.

Who Will Win: LA LA LAND (Emma Stone)

One, Portman has already won an Oscar. Two, not many were crazy about JACKIE the film, even if they were crazy about Portman’s performance. Three, for many, Emma and her character are the reasons LA LA LAND resonates. When performing Audition, it’s hard not to imagine the SAG/AFTRA crowd melting in their seats.


Who Should Win: MANCHESTER BY THE SEA (Casey Affleck)

Controversy or not, Affleck is the reason MANCHESTER BY THE SEA is a Best Picture candidate. He carries the film with a stellar performance.

Who Will Win: FENCES (Denzel Washington)

Given the bad publicity regarding the Affleck sexual misconduct allegations toward two former coworkers, it’s easy to see the Academy handing the trophy to one of the greats with a clear conscience. I’ve heard it’s his best performance ever, but again, I haven’t seen FENCES.


Who Should Win: LA LA LAND (Damien Chazelle)

His love letter to LA and the dreamers that occupy it has been the talk of the town since September.

Who Will Win: LA LA LAND (Damien Chazelle)

This is going to be a tight race, given the Academy’s recent penchant for giving Best Director and Best Picture to two different films. A Barry Jenkins upset is not out of the question, especially considering Chazelle would become the youngest director to ever win the award.


Who Should Win: LA LA LAND

It’s the Best Picture of 2016 and it’s not even all that close. The race was over before it began. 2016 needed an escape like this musical, and it got it.

Who Will Win: LA LA LAND

With an old and mostly white demographic, is there any doubt what film will win even if it wasn’t as good as the hype makes it out to be? LA loves LA almost as much as Hollywood loves Hollywood.