My Life in Photography… So Far

One of the questions I’m asked most is how I got so interested in photography. My answer sounds pretty basic, but it’s the truth.

I’ve been taking pictures my whole life. Every chance I would get, I would take pictures. I had my fair share of point and shoot cameras, and once I got an iPod touch with a camera, I loved it. I took pictures of everything. Then I got an iPad Mini and the camera was better than anything I have ever used. I was amazed. Then my first iPhone was when I really started to try and take not just pictures, but photographs. Then I joined this Excel Tecc program, and I really got into using SLR cameras. Once I started using SLR cameras I fell in love. I bought my own, and started to get my gear all together. I did extensive research before each purchase, trying to buy the best lens possible for me.

The Start of my iPhone Photography

I started my own small little business called Kushious Photography. I started doing freelance work for no pay for people, and I took pictures with my friends. I took pictures of anything, for anyone. That’s how I built my network. Over time, I started to get more paid jobs, and I was sought out by people in the community. I was hired by my fellow students to take their senior pictures, by the school to cover different events, and by people in my community to take pictures of them. What most people say afterwards, is that I have a real talent, and will be going places. It’s brings me great confidence to hear that, but I still know there’s a lot of work that goes into this profession.

Jarrod Fritz Senior Photos

Outside of my own business, I was sought after by a local media company in Chagrin Falls called R43 Limited. They asked me to assist in a documentary on the infamous Pumpkin Roll. Since then I’ve been working with them on different projects. Now after I left my internship at a portrait studio in Shaker Heights, OH, I have started working full time with them.

My time at the portrait studio was fun… for a while. I realized that every picture was essentially the same. It began to be boring and I dreaded going there. The customers were mean, and the staff wasn’t very qualified. Eventually, I was reprimanded by my manager for trying to be creative with my photos. I left the studio, for a better opportunity at R43.

Now as my career continues, I will be going onto even better opportunities at either Rochester Institute of Technology, or Ohio University to study photojournalism. I really love photojournalism. I love telling stories about people through pictures and video. I love it, that’s part of what really drives me.

Some of my work