How to Create Endless Energy
Grant Cardone

I agree. We create our own energy. I really think that like most anything, creating energy is a “muscle” that can be developed. Grant Cardone, to me, seems to have this energy “muscle” developed, the way that Brock Lesnar has traps… So nothing I do is really that original from his direct advice…

  • I read and listen to successful people. ( is a time and $ investment and commitment that I make weekly)
  • I write down affirmations of my goals every morning first thing, and then I start my day aligned with them. I re-affirm them at noon, and I get energy from not wanting to break any promises (It sounds kinda crazy to promise myself ☺, but I want to be crazy wealthy so it’s whatever. I do this and it really works for me).
  • I wake up at 5AM sharp and get moving Monday — Saturday, and I sleep in on Sunday if I want to. Energy has a snowball effect and I wake up early most days to get my snowball rolling first.
  • I measure often for every way I can improve: bank/investment accounts, marketing results, bodyweight, bodyfat, leads, opportunites, sales, client retention rates, weights at the gym, times in 5Ks… and seeing measured improvements is energizing. Ironically, seeing any decreases is energizing as well so I can harder work to fix those.
  • I make a power schedule out of my calendar, and I stick to it down to 15 min increments including everything: sleep, fun, golf, fishing, hiking, scheduling, shopping online, emails, meetings, calls, traveling, commuting, research, reading online / social media (now).
  • I surround myself with energy. The people I keep the closest in my life are very energetic and positive people. My girlfriend, my co-workers, my friends, my mentors, even my family members, and my dog (at least in the mornings — He’s passed out now ☺).
  • I stay in shape, and eat healthy (food is fuel).