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While displaying the work of world-class pitmasters.

Barbecue: one of the last arts in the high-volume circuit since the earliest days of human civilization. It first began during the time of Homo Erectus, the first known humans possessing modern human-like body proportions. Since then, we started using dry rubs, wet rubs, specific temperatures, different grilling methods, various animals, and certain cuts to acquire a truly fantastic piece of meat. What defines a truly fantastic piece of meat? Melissa Cookston says it’s…

“a piece of meat that you taste all the way through your mouth: from the front until it hits you with a bit of kick in the back.” …

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Commit to failure because you want to meet your ‘twin’

From the time we sat in metal desks on the chalk-filled grounds of our former elementary school, an expectation set by our teachers and predecessors formed for our generation. Since space exploration and computers walked through the minds of men, our educator’s expectation for Millenials in regard to world progress resembled feats such as eliminating world poverty through cryptocurrency or cleansing the entirety of world pollution through a gigantic spaceship that recycles the world’s air. Although these examples seem somewhat preposterous, the point remains clear. We knew the task set before us stood taller than any generation before our own.

Ironically, school taught our generation and others the opposite of what we need to know to climb to this new pinnacle of success. …

How to connect to your readers using four communication components taught by leadership expert John C. Maxwell

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Reading professional-development books helps incredibly. Currently, I am taking in one of the first chapters in the book Everyone Communicates Few Connect by John C. Maxwell. In the book, the leadership expert teaches that “communication goes beyond words.” While pondering on this idea, it hit me that my blogging efforts consisted almost entirely of words. Besides the fact that I inserted a stock photo in between every few paragraphs, the deciphering of information only occurred from moving the eyes right to left.

It seems ironic that I never thought of inserting a video or a GIF in my writing since I knew especially well how much value the pictures added to the articles’. Now that I am consciously aware that communication goes beyond words, I need to focus on doing so. John Maxwell told others and my self that the way to create a connection extends through visual, intellectual, emotional, and verbal components. …

My opinion on who will be the greatest actor to play The Black Panther

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Chadwick Boseman, off the news of his death, received recognition from many as the greatest Black Panther ever. While I drastically enjoyed his portrayal of the comic book icon and feel that he definitely deserves massive respect for pouring out his talents in the face of terminal illness; I never heard Chadwick called the best actor for T’Challa before news of his death surfaced. Robert Downey Jr. on the other hand lives the life of Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man. The multi-millionaire philanthropist walks the earth this day and countless times he bore the title of “The Real-Life Iron Man.”

Loss of another who we admire and appreciate brings us all into a deeper state of gratitude in regards to what they gave us. …

Social inclusion condoms. Watch this show or you’ll need them because you’re screwed.

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I see it now. Every last detail. A mailbox prop filled with toy-snakes that jump out as Carole faints into the arms of her partner. Her dance partner playing the role of Joe Exotic. Huge stuffed animal tigers, lions, and snow leopards “prowl” everywhere. All set on a stage that resembles Carole’s wildlife sanctuary: Big Cat Rescue.

On Monday, September 14th at 7 pm central time, Dancing with the Stars premieres its 2020 season which includes the Tiger King enemy of Joe Exotic: Carole Baskin. On the People magazine website, Baskin reveals her intent for participating in the show:

“I feel like this is an opportunity to give light to big cats and remind people that they don’t belong in cages. I just keep telling myself that this is the best way to get the message out there. To be as good as I can so that I can stay on as long as I possibly…

It has nothing to do with personality.

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Many women try so hard to look attractive. Often, they spend hours in the bathroom putting on the makeup, the lingerie or the sleek dress, and the heels which arch their backs. The styling of their hair plays a primary part in their beauty regimen as well. While these things do play a part in increasing attractiveness, many women believe that these things do more for men than it does in actuality.

As a picky man, taking care of yourself as a woman plays a vital part in obtaining a man’s sexual interest, but it often never completes the effort needed to truly actualize your man’s idea of sexy. Fortunately, as a man interested solely in women, I know a specific style of women’s clothing that works wonders on me in terms of achieving my idea of visual pleasure. …

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For generations, U.S citizens never believed we had a female president; it turns out, we had nothing but.

I am thoroughly convinced The White House, from the first days of George Washington as “leader” of this great nation, held within its walls a female president. The male presidents served as stunt devils for the real stars. Martha Washington created and defined the roles of the first presidential cabinet, Mary Todd Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address, and Jackie Kennedy developed the Peace Corps. Male “presidents” gazed into the public’s eye, but their First Ladies formed the ideas and performed the heavy lifting.

If you know anything about American history, you believe full-heartedly these recognitions belong to their male counterparts. History of all great humans, president or not, tells me I am certainly correct. Behind every great man, there stands a braver, smarter, and more prolific woman than himself. …

We all need a little Mufasa sometimes

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Photo Credit: James Genchi | Unsplash

As a kid, I never noticed these lessons from Mufasa when watching The Lion King. Researching them as an adult, I am awed at how powerful these truths are. Honestly, they seem constructed for adults rather than children.

How would young children understand these strategies without an adult assisting them in their reflection of these messages? We all need to reflect on these lessons occasionally and apply them to our daily lives. I applied my interpretation to each segment of phrases to help you more easily understand the lessons within. Especially in current times, these lessons below seem incredibly relevant.

The lessons of Simba’s father:

“Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. …

A preplanned trip through Texas that retraces occurrences and possessions related to Bonnie and Clyde

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Photo by Alexander Andrews | Unsplash

From the sight of the title, you might first assume that this article shows you areas on a drive where you see many variations and groves of the official Texas plant. Au contraire my friend. An entirely different topic lies in waiting for you here.

Introduce yourself to a trip that makes spending money on a Disney World excursion laughable. Behold The Prickly Pair’s Drive, a trip efficiently laid out for you that takes you through Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow’s lives in Texas.

Perhaps you know the history of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow well, but for those that simply only know the meaning of the reference; an overall background of the two star-gazed lovers only potentially heightens your emotions upon viewing of the sights I planned. …

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Photo Credit: Arisa Chattasa | Unsplash

You surpassed your boundary and many innocents paid for it

I’m pretty upset about the professional sports players halting play. Upset not due to the stoppage of play necessarily, but the choice the players decided on. Understand that I am not stating I am for or against this fight for racial equality, but I feel that athletes need a refresher on the boundaries of their unique privileges. These players receive a minimum pay of hundreds of thousands a year and more often than not, millions. …


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