Bigger is not Better; the problems with WordCamp Europe 2016

Dustin Overbeck
Jun 29, 2016 · 8 min read

I was excited for WordCamp Europe in Vienna

“Bigger is not Better. Not when it comes to WordCamp” #WCEU.

My post here is not just to complain for the sake of complaining.

Complaining Out Loud

SOPs could streamline future WordCamps.

Things Lacking at WordCamp Europe Vienna

Venue Was Too Hot — Air Conditioning Needed to be On

There Was No Job Board

WordCamp London 2016 Used a Whiteboard to Connect Employees with Job Seekers

What is the Speed Dating Thing?

Something Tribe — What’s a Tribe?

Way Too Many People in Attendance!

No Signs Pointing Where Things Are! aka “Don’t make me think”

WTF is “Ebene”? A WordCamp UX Fail.

Talks Were Too Short — Only 25 Minutes?

No Time for Question and Answers

No Time to Transfer from One Talk to the Next

Descriptions were Bland

Internet was miserable and unusable.

Couldn’t Sign Into Slack

Fixing WordCamps — Will it Ever Happen?

More time for talks

Limit the Number of Attendees

Dustin Overbeck

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