Consumers are getting poorer and poorer
Yann Girard

Maybe I have a stilted view of the world because I get most of my information from Medium (I don’t have time to spend all day on news feeds, or Facebook) but I think in the past 10yrs everyone has gotten obsessed with becoming an entrepreneur and striking it rich. Including myself — my wife and I launched an app 2 ½ years ago. I think it’s human nature to hope for something better. 30yrs ago kids dreamed of becoming professional athletes, movie stars or recording artists. Then everyone focused on winning the lottery — which has gotten bigger and bigger. Now people dream of creating the next great app or website that will be worth $1bil. As Gary Lee commented . . . most people won’t be successful entrepreneurs — they will work for a company that hopefully pays them a good wage and offers opportunities for growth and advancement. And that’s ok. It’s good actually, if it’s available to people. To focus so much on people who become billionaires we devalue the people who are living good lives, caring for their families and contributing to society. It seems every company these days is doing everything they can to eliminate employees . . . which means we’re eliminating consumers . . . which means we’re gutting our economy. The companies will be fine, they can find customers in emerging markets like India and China, but the employees/ consumers are left to struggle financially and continue to dream of striking it rich.

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