Don’t Worry About Progress
Charlie Ambler

“ they begin to equate the stuff of life with life itself” . . well said. I agree with your premise that we have become overly materialistic and driven by technological progress, but I struggle with the idea of needing to become more ‘spiritual’. I think we place too much emphasis on spirituality and a higher power (don’t get me wrong, I’m baptized, believe in a God, go to church several times a year), particularly as the basis for doing or not doing something, or as a goal in and of itself.

I think it’s painfully obvious now that people believe in many different interpretations of spirituality and a God, so much so that they are willing to kill and/ or die over that belief.

We need to focus our time and attention on things that make life and the human condition better, whether it’s ordained by some spiritual dogma or not.

There are many objectives that can be pursued that are not materialistic yet are also not tied to spirituality. I think more well rounded people lead to more well rounded societies, and that progress can be achieved by balancing efforts on materialism and technology with personal attention on health, education, emotional maturity, care for the environment, and care for and connection with our fellow men/women.

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