Xennials…we’ve seen a bunch of down economies. It feels like home to me.

The deep recession of the early 80s. The Savings & Loan crisis. Inflation. Farm Aid.

As I was entering the workforce…The late 90s and the dot com bubble. (I joined the U.S. Navy for 6 years).

July 2001: left the Navy.

September 2001: 9/11

December 2001: Laid off from 1st post-Navy job.

Bought a home in 2007.

2008 Recession / Financial Crisis / Housing Bubble.

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Source: just go to Google and start typing 2008

2010 Graduated Law School…during the worst attorney job market in 30 years.

Becoming self-aware. Getting good at watching and observing yourself. Recognizing that you are stuck in a pattern of failure. Recognizing that you do the same things over and over, and that these things are not working to achieve your desired result.

Recognizing that you are the problem. That’s the biggest epiphany. You are the problem.

And the highest level of consciousness is recognizing this…

You are the solution.

It is liberating to discover that you are the problem. That you are actually the cause of all this bull crap in your life, because the inverse must be true.

And ultimately, it’s not actually you

You can get better at anything. You might not get great, or perfect, but it could be that better is all you need.

But first you have to kill…

Kill the fear of failure, by failing.

Fail miserably and often, until it doesn’t bother you anymore.


Sets and reps baby…

You can fail your way to greatness. Most successful people do. But you got to put in the work. You got to get a few at bats.

Shots on goal.

Most of us never take the shot.

It’s frequency.

Frequency > Perfection.

Aim for frequency.

And you have to realize one thing…

…that most of your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are poor.


This article was reprinted from the American Bar Association website…

Four Steps to Effective Lawyer Blogging

Step 1: Write an Entertaining Lawyer-ish Blog Article

So many lawyers write blog articles as if they were targeting other lawyers. A better tactic is to write as if you are speaking to a close friend or family member.

Think “click bait” here. Your article needs to be somewhat lawyer-ish, but most important of all, it needs to be entertaining.

Surely, something about your area of the law is interesting. Some areas of the law are easier to do this in than others (DWI law, divorce law, criminal law).

With some imagination, any legal niche can be made…

Wanted to drop a quick video showing a recent, highly successful, local business search engine marketing campaign. Check it out…

Full article is here: http://www.dustinsancheztv.com/the-criminal-lawyer-case-study-does-seo-actually-work/

Lawyer Blogging That Works in 2016

I wrote a Dating Blog in law school.

Literally “in” law school.

When I wasn’t playing Online Poker in the back of class, I was writing blog articles about my modest dating exploits in Clearlake, Texas.

Consequently, I did not end up being a very good lawyer…but I can blog the shiznit out of your law firm.

Dustin Sanchez is an attorney and Law Firm SEO / Facebook Marketing Expert in Houston, Tx (832) 305–5997.

Lawyer Blogging for $10,000 Clients

In February, I wrote a divorce lawyer blog article that was generating new clients within 8 hours of hitting…

Dustin Sanchez

Lawyer in Texas. Marketing Consultant. www.DustinSanchezTV.com

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