Soft Chronicles 1 — I Don’t Feel Sorry For You

Dustin Sanchez
May 8, 2018 · 3 min read

You can get better at anything. You might not get great, or perfect, but it could be that better is all you need.

But first you have to kill…

Kill the fear of failure, by failing.

Fail miserably and often, until it doesn’t bother you anymore.


Sets and reps baby…

You can fail your way to greatness. Most successful people do. But you got to put in the work. You got to get a few at bats.

Shots on goal.

Most of us never take the shot.

It’s frequency.

Frequency > Perfection.

Aim for frequency.

And you have to realize one thing…

…that most of your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are poor.

Living paycheck to paycheck, barely getting by, about to get divorced, you name it.


Stop caring what other people think about you…

You won’t get off the couch and fail your way to freedom because you are worried about what your broke, psycho friends are going to think when you fail.

It. Is. The. Man. In. The. Arena. Baby.

Start by making the layups…

Right now, you are at the bottom. Ground zero.

Looking up. Seems like there is no way out.


Wake up one hour earlier…

Nobody who is successful wakes up late. There are exceptions. You are not the exception.

Wake up one hour earlier. Not two hours earlier, not four. 60 darn minutes earlier.

And Read…

Wake up early, and read. This is a layup.


We’re not trying to change THE world yet, we’re just trying to change OUR world. And it starts by waking the F up, literally and figuratively.

Nobody reads.

You are where you are because of what you know and what you do.

And you probably don’t know much, or you wouldn’t be here.


And exercise…

But Dustin, I don’t like to wake up early.

That’s why you need to do it. Because your soft butt has been doing the easy thing your whole life. And it hasn’t worked.


But Dustin, I don’t like to read.

That’s why you need to do it. Because you naturally default to the wrong answer. And it hasn’t worked.

But Dustin, I don’t like to exercise. Yeah. I know. Actually, everyone who has seen you in the last week knows that you don’t like to exercise. But that’s why you need to do it. Because you don’t like it.

And because exercise is a cornerstone habit upon which we will build your empire.


Wake up early. Read. Exercise.

Every morning.

From here we will save your marriage.

From here we will rebuild your finances.

From here we will kick your addiction.

From here we will lose the weight.

I don’t feel sorry for you. Because I know what you are capable of.

Dustin Sanchez is lawyer in Texas who quit practicing law so that he could market the living crap out of Lawyer websites. Sometimes he raps.

I wrote the Soft Chronicles to myself. Because sometimes I punk out and don’t put in the work. Sometimes I look for the easy way out. And that needs to end.

Dustin Sanchez

Written by

Lawyer in Texas. Marketing Consultant.

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