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It might be a scam, but I’m not so sure. I had a similar thing happen to me, but the data provider was LexisNexis. (Also, in my case they waived the application fee, since I did the application same day and got the free month as well since it was a new construction property — so not much to scam) I was able to get in touch with company that incorrectly reported an eviction (the lawyer actually) and luckily they were fast and filed the proper paperwork for the court the same day and I had it fixed in about 2 weeks if I remember correctly. They emailed (or maybe faxed) me a copy of their filing correcting the mistake. It had to go through the court. It was a few years ago, so I dont remember all the details. I do remember I had to harass LexisNexis about getting it fixed because they were giving me the 30 days thing, but I just called them a few times a day until I they fixed it.

I would say that even though you are not going to move into this property you should still contact the company that incorrectly reported this information to CoreLogic and get it a copy of whatever they have to do to clear this up incase it comes up in the future.

I think the bigger scam is how easy it is to have incorrect data on these reports that we can’t easily access like we can the three credit bureaus.

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