Response to Blank

I found myself mindful today, but only for a brief spell. In an alleyway, a mere jumble of faded red and sedimentary tan, thought fizzled out, evacuating the cavernous space of perception. Bricks emerge from the background as sounds pull the air with them. The wash of cars becomes discrete. Multiple competing fragments stretch the static with visualized spectra. The air seethes and bursts with itself. The world expands and contracts with my breath. It smells how it smells and feels how it feels. I saw with no judgement, but judgement finds a way.

She was gorgeous, painting a chair white with blue hair. Her eyes emit a sly radiance, a knowing nod implicit in the stare, a recognition of something not explained. Christ. An image of heaven, revealed right at the release of perception and the ceding of understanding. In an instant, creation appeared solidified. Reject the concept of false idealization and accept the blessing as given. Contingency aligns causing lightning to strike the soul and in these moments, we burst with joy.

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