What is one thing that fires you up?

And how are you making the world better because of it?

There are things in this world that bother you. Things that you see that you feel like nobody else sees, or if they do see it they’re just not doing anything about it.

And that fires you up.

For me, being a passionate person, there’s quite a few things that fire me up. Here’s one example…

Back in 2013 I was planning on redesigning my blog as I do every year. And I was really frustrated with one particular thing — social sharing buttons.

If you have ever built a website on WordPress you probably know how difficult it can be to find a good social sharing plugin. And when you do, it’s never all you want it to be.

I care a lot about social sharing — it’s the life blood of any blog IMHO. And I really wanted to make social sharing on my blog easy, and seamlessly integrated with my design.

But nothing that was out there was able to accomplish that. Nothing.

I was frustrated. And I wasn’t the only one.

A couple friends of mine, Nick Cardot and Jason Wiser, also had this frustration. And then we asked the question, “How could we solve this problem for ourselves?”

An idea was born. A selfish idea meant to solve our own frustrations for ourselves. We ended up building a little social sharing WordPress plugin called Social Warfare.

Born out of our own needs, passions and frustrations. Because we acted on these needs, passions and frustrations, we’ve been able to answer those same needs for hundreds of website owners.

Now hundreds may not be a lot when compared to many other plugins out there, but it means a lot to us. Because this problem that we solved really fires us up. And we’ve only just begun.

So my challenge to you is this — what fires you up? What in this world makes you mad? What is missing? What do you wish existed that doesn’t currently exist?

In those questions may lie an opportunity that you can’t yet fathom. Find others who also see what you see and get fired up about. Partner with them. Lock arms and create the solutions that aren’t yet available.

There’s not telling how much you could potentially accomplish or how many lives you will touch. Follow the fire, and make the world better.

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