Optimizing Unity Workflow Using Layouts

Using different layouts in Unity can help you optimize your work flow. There are many different layouts to choose from, and you can also create a custom one to best suit your design needs.

First let’s learn how to reset our layout to the default setting.

Let’s say our project looks like this, and we are totally lost, how do we get back to default?

Navigate to the upper right hand area of Unity and click on Layout.

Select Default.

Boom! We are back in business.

Now let’s make a custom layout. First let’s go back to the Layouts and this time select Tall.

Should look something like this now.

From here you can left click and drag your game tab below your scene view. And then drag the game view window up to match the project folder like so.

We can clean up our real estate even more by clicking on the vertical triple dots right here.

And then selecting One Column Layout.

You can also drag the hierarchy and project/assets tabs to the right side which will give you more real estate in your game and scene view.

You now have an optimized layout that’s used by many industry Unity power users.

To save this layout, go to your layouts drop down menu and select Save Layout…

Boom! You’ve made your very own custom layout!



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