You may wish me a “Merry Christmas!” if you wish.

It is time for my annual “You may wish me a Merry Christmas” notice.

I have friends of all stripes, from Muslims to Atheists, MGTOW’s to GLBITG’s, rational to insane. I even have a smattering of left wing ideologues that let me into their smug circles as long as I don’t talk about sexual orientation or politics and am current in trigger phrases.

All have holidays they like, and holidays they don’t like.

So if you want to wish me Happy Kwanza! … feel free if that is a special day to you.

And it is fine to greet me with Merry Christmas! as well, if you celebrate that day.

Then there is Happy Chanukah! for those of that persuasion, though personally I am a little diffident about it in my own practice.

Even my atheist friends can offer to work my shift on that day, if it pays double-time.

And there is even a couple of winter’s solstice people. Not too sure they go sky-clad outdoors on that night, but however they celebrate it, Merry Meet!. I think …

I don’t care how you celebrate it, or your greetings for it. I’ll thank you and return the greeting. I won’t be offended.

And for the two medicine men; “Don’t barf up the peyote buttons, man! They’re too hard to get!”.

Enjoy your holiday in just the way you like to observe it, and let me enjoy mine my way!


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