The Hand

I am an addict. And no I don’t have one addiction. Just that the possibilities of quick success and instant rush overclouds the long term impacts. I am a poker player and I believe that a lot of analogies and metaphors can be picked up from the beautiful game.

There are three kinds of people to start with. The Average Pro player, The Rationalist Player & The Intuitive Player. When dealt with a deuce seven 2/7 in a round (considered the worst hand in poker because of its lowest odds of winning), the thoughts followed by the actions of each player sets their tone of success in real life. The Average player considers this the worst hand and with no more time wasted would ideally fold the cards or wait for the flop(first 3 cards to be opened) and fold. The Rationalist is the smart guy who will evaluate his odds with proper contemplation of the other player’s probabilities based on his guesses and act upon it, and maybe even play it out till the end to check his luck. Now what I love about the Intuitive player is the gut feeling you hear players quoting so many times. A sudden moment’s inspiration is all it takes and before you know it, the intuitive player would raise pre-flop and alter the outcome and circumstance of every other player. Taking the leap, acting against the conventional and with a strong belief that they are absolutely going to win this hand, they bluff their way and stride towards the finish line with a tactic solely derived from their mind. That is how I have lived and maintained my sanity throughout.

I am caught up somewhere between the rational and the intuitive line. Play each round as it is a hand that is going to decide your fate. Be your own master and keep yourself in regular checks. Make sure that the desire and gratification you chase isn’t slowly evolving into a hard core addiction. Even if you realize it a bit late, consider folding a couple of hands and resuming play at a steady pace ahead of the line.