The Start.

You start realizing the reality is difficult from your perspective and there is nothing you can do to alter certain outcomes. I felt awful on most days that I couldn’t control it. Then as months passed, I lumped in my own sorrow of how ungrateful and inconsiderate the world around me is. I pondered, if they think about it this way. Or are they just existing each day with no deep connotations or subtext of their actions? Do they feel an aggressive emotion build up inside like I do?

Well, I believe not with the same intensity. And you know what. It’s best that way. The first change I need to do is assume no one will prioritize you in today’s world or even pretend to. The millennial generation are too obsessed with absolute irrelevant stories and fictitious happiness that they don’t realize how others are affected. I’m not saying everything’s bullshit and one should give up their daily instant gratifying methods and implement minimalism, however their span of attention towards a certain task, event or a being is hurtful. The trail of thoughts have piled up so much with too much pace and if they were to sit down and introspect on one thought, they would understand the purity and the inspiring perception each one is capable of.

Coming back to controlling certain outcomes within your mind, accepting the sporadic nature of surroundings and being in accordance with it is the best feeling there is. Break out, tune in and do what you wanted to and not what you have been always good at. Evolve by learning new things, laugh at criticisms and taunts reminding who you were. There are plenty of minds to connect in the future with desired outcomes.