Glimpses of Heaven

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve felt so pure about your intentions as well as the attitude you’ve chosen to perceive it with?

I call those rare occurrences, “Glimpses of Heaven”.

It happens when you’ve chosen to sacrifice selflessly; when you’re intentions do not involve you receiving anything in return for your following actions. It’s funny because the advantage of doing selfless things, is that something good is always returned to you in some type of way.

I don’t care if you’re a pessimist and disagree with what I just stated, you’re just refusing to be real with yourself and possibly, just maybe, you don’t even know what it’s like to give selflessly anymore. I’m not making assumptions or judgments, I’m speaking from my experiences in my own life.

Realizing that you should do something selfless is like waking up from a dream. It’s like, “oh yeah, I forgot how amazing of a feeling it is to randomly buy my friend a gift on no special occasion.” It’s shockingly shameful to be standing in the midst of the realization that you’ve forgotten what it truly means to be a good person.

Those little Glimpses of Heaven are worth writing down on paper and placing into a jar. It’s basically counting your blessings except you can always return to the jar, pull out a memory and reminisce. That might be just the thing you’re needing to help you remember what you found joy in.

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