The Art & Use of the Table Flip

People are calling 2015 the year of the table flip.

Of course, they are. But don’t believe the hype, people have been flipping tables since the first plank was balanced on a rock. It’s arguable that the first table was built specifically to express this most raw of human emotions. But millennia later, we have found practical (and hyperbolic) use for the flip in those moments when words are just not enough.

The many forms and functions to The Flip

The Angry Rage is the most extreme of the table flips and most often captured on film. Well documented in popular culture, it is easy to uncovered examples of rage-fueled table flips as early as Son Of Frankenstein in 1939 and in 1941, perhaps the most praised host, Citizen Kane.

A cheap and simple way to elevate emotions and conflict of any scene, the world of american cinema will never loose its love for the Angry Rage.
A sampling:

Here is a lovely compilation of some of the greatest examples of Angry Rage, Hollywood has to offer, courtesy of Roman Holiday.

Basic Flips for Everyday Needs

The Uh-Uh or the ‘Oh hell, NO’ Flip is perhaps the most eloquent in its range of expression, encompassing nearly all of the nuances and hardships of being human with other humans.

Don't even try to tell me hanger isn't a thing.

However, unless you are the boss, it is not always possible or ‘appropriate’ to flip the table in modern office settings, so the art and form of the flip has presented unique opportunities to express yourself with all the objects associated with the desk individually, extending the art form and introducing new avenues for creativity.

Performance art at it’s best. Also. Please don't poke the bears. That’s just silly.

The Flip to Feel Better
The therapeutic nature of table flipping has been well established within the human race. Confident in this knowledge, the Society of Software Engineers at Rochester Institute of Technology organized a table flipping event in November, 2011, to help student alleviate stress during finals week. But even before that delightful recognition, there was this:

The Japanese Table Flip Game Cho Chabudai Gaeshi! (Super Table-Flip!) has been popular for reducing tensions for Japanese business men for years. Anecdotally, there are four different scenarios in the game: the father and family, a guest at a host club, a frustrated office worker, and my favorite, BRIDEZILLA.

Advanced Flips for the Professional

I hesitate to bring these to anyone’s attention as they are indeed advance.
No one can tell you when you are ready. They are powerful and should be used judiciously.

The ‘OK. Fine Flip’ or the ‘I'm about to start some shit’ is a flip of precarious potential. Without question, there is something off about this flip and passively aggressive in its overt lack of fucks given. When you see this flip in the wild, take note, the actor may have withheld months of emotional baggage and is potentially capable of unspeakable things. If you are the one using this flip, ask yourself, “was I planning on dying tonight?”

Someone call HR and pull out this dude’s psych eval.

In contrast, the Wash away all the BULLSHIT / Start over Flip is the most productive in its use of violence. This expert level flip has the potential to wipe away all the bullshit, leaving in its place nothing but the most significant things behind. Executing this move before you are ready may still elicit positive results, but often in a way much like how a unicorn shitting in your living room leaves you with a pile of glitter to deal with... use with care.

On the off chance your flipping thirst have not yet been met….

Additional Resources & References

Tv Tropes — an endless resource of examples both in cinema and in real life. One of my favorites:

“…Ed O’Brien of Radiohead lost his patience at a restaurant. “He thought he was Jesus in the temple of the moneychangers,” fellow band member Colin Greenwood commented.”

Giphy.com — Search all the GIFs. Sorry. Not sorry.

Know Your Meme — Part of a series on Emoticons. (you can haz)

Fun ways to say what you mean in SMS

Flipping the table (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Putting the table back ┬──┬◡ノ(° -°ノ)

Throwing the nice person who put the table back (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . )

More Rage Flips in Clips

The “You're in trouble now/ I might be more dangerous than I look.” Flip

Kate loses her shit on a helpless table

The “I'm done with this shit” Flip

Never cheat the Stig

The ‘Just getting warmed up’ Flip

As seen on your local news

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