Gweedore Reunion

All music fans….most music fans love a bit of nostalgia and what could warm the heart more than a squad of bands from your youth playing together under one roof? On December 27th Willie Barrett’s Gwedore Reunion is on — for some reason it’s on in the Nerve Centre but for a tenner you’ll get to see The Nameless, Fremonte, Bam Bam & the Calling, Lady J and Declan McLaughlin with Jim Curran’s Twilight Zone Disco (remember that?) and all proceeds are going to Foyle Hospice, it really is a treat — and all for a good cause.

I caught up with Paul McCartney, the legendary songwriter, not the watery Beatle, for a yarn about everything more or less.

Bam Bam formed in 1982; what’s changed between then and now? “Bands had to play all the time which they don’t seem to now” talking about how the modern presentation of band relies more on the internet than the old-fashioned continual gigging.

Do you feel the same energy you felt in the 80s? “Some of those songs were written when we were teenagers but I think they’ve stood the test of time”.

What local bands did you enjoy in the 80s? “Idol Threats who were a great post punk band were great and Kitsch Is Rich who were influenced by the American wave bands were also great”

Did you ever meet anyone famous on your travels? “When you meet someone famous that you want to meet it’s a nightmare because you only have a minute and a half to ask them the sort of things that would take you four hours to ask. But Paul Westerberg from The Replacements was really sound, he bought me a drink and we chatted, he WAS a bit insane though…..and Lemmy!!!! I met him in a newsagent and he was really nice, the only thing I had to hand to get an autograph was a chequebook which he signed for me!”

Do you have any advice for younger bands? “It’s a different era but playing live is invaluable, it’s worth six rehearsals”. As the man says “everything has a time and a place”, yours should be at the Nerve Centre on the 27th.