Interview with a FOSSASIA Contributer | Ploypiti Piyaprapan

Ploypiti Piyaprapan

Today I had an opportunity interview a Google Code-In participant, who is relatively new to coding.

So, today I am with Ploypiti talking about her experience with this event and coding in general.

Q. Ploypiti, where are you from?

A. I’m from Thailand.

Q. Is this your first time in GCI? Have you participated in any other event like this?

A. To be honest, yes, I’d like to participate in more competition, but as I just turned 13 last March, age limit was one of the obstacle.

Q. Who told you about Google Code-In and what made you decide that you will give your time to this event?

A. My mum, she simply send me a link to GCI and when I went through it, I’m kinda discouraged because some tasks sound difficult, however, thanks to anyone who suggests you won’t need a coding experience on the FAQ page, I decided to give it a go.

Q. It is cool to see that your parents encouraged you to do this event. Do you think you wouldn’t have done it otherwise?

A. Yes, I think without my mum, I’d never know GCI existed and I’d never have a chance to participate in such an interesting event.

Q. Okay, so Ploypiti, why did you chose FOSSASIA as your organization of choice?

A. I think Fossasia give me an opportunity to contribute in a developer community where everyone is friendly and helping, furthermore, I’m happy to be a part to create GCI 2017 website.

Q. How did you learn to code?

A. StackOverflow helped me a lot, as well as GitHub student plan which offers free coding course — and my geeky cousin whom recommended coding to me.

— Your geeky cousin? Is he doing Google Code-In as well?

— Nope, he’s 18 now, although he used to participate in CodeJam.

Q. What are your interests and hobbies (apart from coding)?

A. Me and my friends comes up with Atomic Act of Kindness project last month, which we’re working hard on it, other than developing project, I like to read, riding horse, and learning something new, you can also check out my website, which is like a personal community for my friends group.

— Can you tell a little bit more about that project?

— Atomic Act of kindness is based on the idea of random act of kindness, we know that Several atoms are combined together to create brand new element, Several acts of kindness can make amazing thing happen too, Even the smallest one. Its goal is to encourage people to do good things everyday. We have kindness atom, which based on how many times users do good things, kindness atoms can be exchanged for rewards, etc.

Q. Do you play any sports?

A. I play Rollerblade and some horseback riding occasionally.

Q. What have you learned from this event so far?

A. Well, I have no clue on how to use GitHub at first, but FOSSASIA taught me how to, furthermore, I learned to contribute in open source community — like discussing the issue and solving them with efficiency.

Q. What plans do you have for life ahead? Like education and other stuff.

A. I’m going to take IGCSE next year, it’s a bit early, but it’d give me a chance to get into university faster — I’m looking forward to study in Ireland as many open source organization are located there — plus, they have a nice landscape!

Don’t forget to check out FOSSASIA’s website and blog! Check out FOSSASIA on Google Code-In.