Why Do People Find It Hard To Wake Up Early?

We all have that ideal self within us, the person we are want to become. For some of us, it‘s what’s left when we subtract the habits we want to do away with in our lives. For others, it arises from the positive qualities we want to adopt.

And we all struggle to make that shift consciously, to be consistent long enough that it becomes second nature. For me personally, one such quality that I have been struggling to adopt for the longest time is waking up early.

I want to become a morning person. My ideal day would begin at 5 am, when I sit outside facing the world in silence and meditate for an hour. Followed by a good workout, and then by preparing my own breakfast. I would like to get my most important work done early in the day, so that I don’t have to worry about it later on. I want to wonder and ask questions, have full clarity on what I want to accomplish today. Oh, so comfortable and productive I feel just thinking about it.

I’ve tried, and tried, and tried, but all in vain. For a very brief period of time, I was able to live this fantasy, but it faded away very soon. The reasons are far too common to even mention. My natural sleep duration is more than 8 hours, and the first step to waking up early is to go to bed early, which I’m even worse at. I have a very active brain, and as soon as I hit the bed, no matter how tired I am, it starts to race from one thing to another.

Even if I’m somehow able to pull it off for one day, even if I am able to wake up early for a change, the bigger and more daunting task is to keep going, to do it again and again every single day from that point. It almost feels like I’m trying to start a forest fire using a single match stick.

It’s not impossible, I know cause I’m lived in that phase, however temporary. The good thing is that I don’t give up easily, I rather try to learn, mutate my approach and keep trying. So I’m gonna do that, try to shift my sleep cycle and wake up early.

See you tomorrow,

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