Be careful of the trigger words

Everybody has trigger words, specific words that when heard can totally fuck up the mood. One moment you’re smiling, laughing, having the time of your life and the next you are down that shitty rabbit hole again of self-loathing.

That sucks a lot, but not many people have any idea what is happening at the person right in front of them, what and how he is feeling. See most people lack or have no idea what emotional intelligence is… yeah go ahead Google it, I’ll wait.

You’re back? Good, let’s continue now. Basically you can describe it using the quote “Think twice before you speak”, but I like to tweak it a bit like “Think ten times before you speak”.

As I previously said, everyone has their problems, regrets and traumas in life cause life sucks. And linked to these moments there are specific words in the unconscious mind, that once heard can mentally fuck us up.

The world nowadays moves at a crazy speed, life goes on with a crazy pace, people rush to jumping in conclusions, accusations, discriminations and all the other bad things. We have to rush cause that’s the reality we’ve created for yourselves. We have to rush to work, rush to meet the deadline, rush to earn that damn paycheck, rush to get the best deal, rush to get the girl, rush to go independent etc. And when we don’t, we get pissed at ourself and at everyone around us.

That’s when the autopilot kicks in, that’s when we stop thinking at what we are doing and most importantly at what we are saying. From there things quickly escalate, we say words we wish we could take back to the people we love the most destroying their mood and sending them down to their rabbit holes. And most of the times we have no idea of what’s actually happening and we continue talking and spewing word after word unconsciously triggering other people.

The same thing happens to us when we listen or talk to other people, one word or a sentence and we totally lose it. Some get angry or pissed at the person or people they are talking to. Some delve into deep thinking disconnecting from the world. Some start smoking, drinking, snorting or injecting anything they can find just to get away from those feelings. Heck, some might even go around and start shooting people. See? That’s pretty fucked up.

That’s why we have to be careful of what we say, to who we say it and how we say it. It doesn’t matter if you had the most shittiest day in your life, that’s not a justification to go full on autopilot. We should always be in total control and imagine how our words might impact someone. Take a moment before you talk about love, life, parents, kids, money, sex, work, vacations etc. cause other people might not have it as easy as you. And in the end you’ll be the only one losing and feeling like a piece of shit afterwards.

Remember the Winter Soldier when he went full on killer in Civil War after hearing his trigger words? But most importantly do you remember how he immediately lost all of the good trust he had built with everyone and ended up stuck on a vice feeling like a piece of shit? Yeah, that’s what happens…

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