Why I love to ski

Skiing is not a sport. It’s a lifestyle. When I first landed my 360 in Les 2 Alpes, France, I instantly fell in love with the feeling of landing a trick. Then, a day after I returned to Belgium, I booked my trip to Momentum Ski Camps in Whistler, Canada for summer skiing; the mecca of free skiing with Allah being there to coach me. I was experiencing a whole new culture, lifestyle and a whole new world of skiing. Freestyle skiing grabbed my attention right when it struck me. The reason why I believe that skiing is not a sport is because there are so many other features about skiing than other sports. The style, fashion, attitude and even the language is so interesting! There is always that sense of creativity and something new that could occur. Curiosity is what drives my interest of slope style skiing. I am always curious to see how different people perceive a slope style course and how they choose their rail tricks and jumps. What amazes me the most about freestyle skiing is that the professional freeskiers are just like regular people. I remember sitting on a table in a restaurant in Whistler for a dinner with the whole camp with my brother and two girls, when my skiing idol Tom Wallisch walked past, the kingpin of the sport. I was shocked when I saw him and I started nudging my brother and asking him if this was real. The guy who I had been following and watching for a whole year was suddenly 10 feet away from. Then, the two girls stared at me awkwardly and looked at me like I was a psychopath. I asked them why they weren’t surprised to see the best freestyle skier in the world and they said that they are all ordinary people and that they don’t consider them like celebrities but more like family who they can look up to. That’s what amazed me. Everyday at summer camp we had a new coach and they were all so awesome! They did not act like they were the king in the hierarchy and we were the citizens but rather that we were friends. You could talk to your favorite professional skiers like they were your friends! I’ve listed everything that I liked about skiing and I am sure that it will amaze me for the rest of my life.