How did you discover you were a writer?
Carina Sitkus

I knew I was a writer when I saw that the world I created through words was better than the real one, for the most part. And the parts that weren’t were more honest. So in a way, I discovered that building a better and a more truthful world was possible if I wrote it. I was ten.

I know of many writers, who shy away from calling themselves as such because they put so much value in the word and place it above themselves. For me, writing is a state of mind, not an occupation, not a status symbol or a sign of intellect. Some states of mind might make us choose a career we wouldn’t have otherwise. For instance, if I was angry at the way the world is, I would probably channel my angry energy into changing whatever upsets me and thus I would end up an activist.

What I do instead is try to make people think of all the other ways their lives could be. Do women have to marry and have children? Is death really the end of life? Is lying bad, religion good? Can murderers teach our children any good values? Do our morals hurt other people? What is a good distance to stop caring about the well-being of others? Should our next-door neighbor matter to us dearly but not so much the person on another street? How about another city, another country or a continent? Do other planets matter? Are we really the independent decision-maker of our lives or could invisible powers be mind-controlling us?

I don’t know but I am willing to write and find out. Therefore I am a writer, nothing less.

Whether one makes a living from it is irrelevant. If you are a writer, you don’t care about that anyway because writing is an instinctive reaction to life. Money is just one of the potential results.

Another result is other people’s opinions and those make me want to keep writing. I yearn for approval. Best outcome of my writing is when I see a faint smile on someone reading something I wrote. Or a wave of shock. Even disapproval sometimes comes as a way to show appreciation and secret approval of I wrote. I welcome any reaction to my writing and accept it as a form of approval I seek so vigorously. Positive reactions mean the reader and I are on the same page while negative ones show willingness to listen and understand more. I learned of other’s disagreement with my thoughts and feelings before I even knew I was writer. So I don’t need my hand held or back padded; I just want to spark a reaction in my reader.

I am a writer. I write to create a better and more honest version of the world and what I write matters. The discussion around what better is and the never-mellowing desire to find the truth in anything and everything is my fuel to keep at it.

I’m Duygu Aktan, writer of things, creator of and what I want most is to make you smile and think. Thank you so much for reading!

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