Congratulations ! Your proposal has been accepted…WUT ?

Duygu Keşkek
May 9, 2017 · 1 min read

It has been 5 days after the acceptance to GSoC but I still can’t believe that I’m selected. It is a really different feeling to turn one of your dreams into the reality. After I receive the acceptance mail I was like :

Really, it took me 1 hour to believe that my proposal got accepted. What I really understood is showing your passion matters ! Also, if you can show some effort on coding that will surely help you to get accepted. Now, a completely different summertime awaits for me :D My project is improving the SunPy website, and I will do my best to enhance it. I started learning Sphinx and I plan to implement all the extensions. If the things go wrong, my reaction would be :

I guess I will enjoy with the SunPy website a lot. Let’s see what will happen !

Duygu Keşkek

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