It’s the time for the Documentation Theme

Duygu Keşkek
Jul 14, 2017 · 2 min read

My project basically involves two parts :

  1. The website theme
  2. The documentation theme

The renovated SunPy website is fully functioned now, but it still needs some fixes and continuous enhancements for sure ! From now on, I’m supposed to start working on the docs theme. At the beginning of July, I wasn’t available to work for 3 days due to my graduation. And yes, I graduated from the university -from the department of Computer Engineering- ! I am not a student anymore, but who cares, I’m a Google Summer of Code student ! Here is a photo that is taken on the graduation below :

I’m the one on the left

During the graduation week, I worked on the SunPy website and made the final fixes and improvements. I added a “SunPy Project” tab on the website that is a showcase of the project which includes SunPy board, contributors, and also the affiliated projects with a placeholder info. The SunPy community prepared a detailed document -and still adding the rest of the info- that contains a lot of info about the board.

At first, I wanted to use bootstrap v4 card decks to be able to show the mugshots of the SunPy board. However, when I update the theme to v4, it needs a lot of changes in the theme, and v4 is still in Alpha version that means it is not stable. Then, I created a bootstrap table for the board. Aaaand, my mentors and also me didn’t like it :P After that, I decided on creating custom card decks in bootstrap 3, and it now looks really good ! You can have a look at how SunPy board looks now and learn their story.

After finalizing the website, I started working on the documentation theme. I’ll deal with it until the end of the project ^^’ I made some meetings with my mentors (Cadair and Nabobalis) to talk about the docs theme and they really helped me ! They wanted me to build the current SunPy documentation locally and explained how to do it step by step and fixed the issues for me. Also, we now have our own Sphinx SunPy Theme and everyone is welcome to use it on their projects ! I’m currently working on this repo and trying to make stable changes for both the website and the documentation.

That’s all for now ! Wait for my next blog posts and have a look at our cool sunpy theme and please star it !

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