Sharing economy issues are very interesting.
S. Uskudarli

Thank you, it is a great article, it flashed a light on my head. Such a paradox that we want to use web to have experiences and express ourselves but at the end we reach a mono-cultural world. All media and social media drove human cultures to a converging zone. As much we started to hear about the other parts of the world, we started to gentrify them and make look similar. This similarity in fact is a hindrance to creativity and unique ways of living. I can say that many social media channels contributed to gentrification of coffee houses, restaurants, etc. but Airbnb has a direct impact on what we expect from a living space. But, in my opinion IKEAization and current design waves also have an impact on this phenomenon. It is still problematic though that when you go to a country for a cultural experience but instead keep discovering the same tastes you hold anyways.