Challenge yourself, Accept feedback's.

The uniqueness of life is in its diversity, its diversity is embedded in the uniqueness of every individual. Harnessing the strength in leveraging on the different views that can be imaged for a single circumstance can be quite annoying, but rewarding when understood.

I pride myself in being open and willing to take up challenges. Moving from being an engineer to a dancer, a poet, a spoken word artist, a developer to struggling with strumming the right chords on the guitar, I considered myself a free thinker with a growth mindset. I discovered soon enough that being a free thinker didn't exclude me from being resistant to change when it was uncomfortable.

Some years ago, I led a dance group to perform in a conference which featured a gathering of university students from west Africa. The highlights of the conference was performances from the different dance groups from the schools represented. We had performed the previous year and were the favorite for our unique dance style and out of the box creativity. This season demanded more commitment and responsibility from me, as the mantle of leadership had fallen on me. In my excitement, I had envisaged that we were going to outperform our best and went ahead to create, edit and re-edit concepts for the performance. Distracted from all the confidence I had in the concept I created and the ready acceptance it gained from my group members, I pushed for the mix engineering and creation of the choreography.

With only a week to the performance, we allowed visitation from friends and well-wishers following our progress for the conference. The ‘harsh’ criticism came immediately after the compliments, the dance was too long and the theme wasn't in sync with the settings of the conference. Quite blinded by the stress and efforts we, especially ‘I’ had put into the dance and the additional stress it would take if we decided to take on mission impossible, re-structure and revamp the entire routine. I refused and shut my mind to opposing views.

After a lot of soul-searching and series of heartfelt conversations with the crew, we decided to revamp our routine and trim the length. It was hell but it was soon replaced with the amazing feeling of heaven from the standing ovation we received after the performance. Heeding to the feed-back paid off, the time allocation wouldn't have been enough if we had stuck with our old routine, it would have ended before the climax. It wasn't ideal, they were not dancers nor did they possess any significant choreography experience but working with their feedback was definitely worth it.