My Boot camp experience-day 2

These are times for the brave, times for those who would not remain in their comfort zones, for those who would not be limited by what they know.

The only way to survive here is to be willing to face the unknown, see the possibilities laid beneath the impossibilities, arm yourself with the mindset to tackle every challenges and most importantly do not go to battle alone.

Most times the hardest of problems would soften up, when we tackle them as a team. Learnt this today, after spending hours trying to pass the unit tests of an algorithm test, only to pass all 11 tests just barely 3 mins after collaboration with fellow boot campers.

The mind is powerful but it could really take a boost in the right company

Learning is key to evolving and this is exactly what I’m experiencing; evolution, by creating solutions through creative thinking, collaboration and working with feedback. This is just the beginning.