Its Never Complete — Seek Feedback!

Apart From being a programmer. I am also a Writer and a Poet. I had a collab with a Ghanian Poet. She had sent me her part and was expecting my reply before the end of day. I only just started to do collaborations and this was a big challenge for me as she had chose me to finish a beautiful work she did. I wasn’t sure i would be able to meet up with her expectations. I knew i had to feel what she felt. I read her part until it became a part of me. I then started writing and i came up with a beautiful piece.

I quickly reached out to my brother who is also an amazing poet/writer. I received an awesome feedback.
I was super excited and went ahead to start editing and merging our works. I sent her the completed work before uploading them. Her feedback was not what i expected. She told me she totally liked what i did but she felt the ending was like a fairy tale. She wanted something more heart breaking. In my mind, there was no way i was going to change such an awesome piece. It just wasn’t going to happen. From my point of view, it was perfect.

I reached out to my brother again for feedback. I must confess i was expecting him to agree with me but this time he told me to be open minded. That she had not said she didn’t like what i did. She only did not like the ending. He advised that i should change it and keep the ending for another piece if i wished. He also said it was not about what i want but what she wants.

I listened. I changed the ending.

Our work became better. I actually found myself liking it better.

Till this day. This still remains my best collab ever.

I now realized that i had a fixed mindset. Once i did what i felt was great. I did not see a reason to change. I was totally wrong. Here is one of my favorite quote now. “A poem is never finished but only abandoned”. The same rules apply with coding/software. No matter how good a code/software is, it can always be better.